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Selective Demolition Projects

When projects demand precise demolition, PDI‘s industry experience, attention to detail and reputation as a solutions company means we can complete your project safely, on time and on budget.

Welder working on the Womens College Hospital demolition project
Digester roof removal

2015 – 2017

Digester Roof

After failing to comply with regulations and an industrial accident, this digester structure sat idle for 2 years before PDI got the call to remove the roof. The goal of the demolition project was to safely remove the entire roof in one crane lift without damage or impact to the surrounding structure(s).

282 Birthplace of Canada Charlottetown PEI

By Share Bear ( – Own work – Public Domain, Public Domain,

2019 – 2020

Province House Conservation

Priestly Demolition Inc. was awarded the engineering, design sequencing and the implantation of a system to safely support the North and South Portico of the Province House while replacing the old stone foundations with the new concrete foundations.

Removal of exterior cladding from 120 Adelaide and 130 Adelaide towers

2017 – 2019

120 and 130 Adelaide Street Towers

PDI is known for tackling big jobs with big machines, but this demolition project, which involved the removal of exterior cladding from two high-rise buildings at 120 and 130 Adelaide Street West in Toronto, demanded a very different approach.

Hope Island Lighthouse demolition on Georgian Bay


Hope Island, Georgian Bay

In 2017, Priestly Demolition Inc. was contracted by the Federal Public Works Government Services to demolish a light-house and its auxiliary buildings on Hope Island, located in Georgian Bay. The purpose of the project was restorative – returning the land to its original condition and ultimately handing it back over to the people of the Beausoleil First Nations.

Welland Canal demolition of Locks 1 and 2


Welland Canal Locks 1 & 2

The Welland Canal project aimed to increase the efficiency of this strategic transportation hub that connected the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean. Though not your average demolition job, this was project was still within PDI’s scope of capabilities.