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Calgary Alberta Office 

Demolition companies come together to combine their expertise and expand their reach across Canada.

Priestly Demolition Inc., is a Canadian leader in the demolition industry, and recipient of multiple World Demolition Awards. On March 1st, 2021 they announced the acquisition of assets of Dakota Reclamators Ltd. (based in Calgary, Alberta), bringing together two well established companies to better service the needs of their clients across the country.

“Today marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Priestly Demolition, one where we will be able to facilitate projects across the country, quickly and safely” said Ryan Priestly, President, Priestly Demolition. “We are thrilled to embark on this new journey that will, undoubtedly, transform our organizations.”

“Priestly Demolition is known around the world for their high-profile demolition projects, and excellent reputation, this is why we are so thrilled to be joining their team,” said Brian Sigvaldason, Director, Dakota Reclamators Ltd.

PDI | Dakota is an industry leader in partial and complete deconstruction based in Calgary and serving all of Western Canada. Ranging from residential structures to large wood-frame, masonry, concrete, or structural steel. Dakota has established a reputation as a cost-effective, technically superior contractor in the demolition and environmental remediation industries.

Decommissioning and demolition of commercial facilities and superstructures

By joining these two companies, we now have the ability to demolish Airportshospitals, hotels, industrial plants, mills, mines and just about anything else you can think of. Our service includes a comprehensive recycling/tracking program and hazardous materials abatement management.

Infrastructure demolition
Bridges, towers, retaining walls, dams, concrete and asphalt paving.

Underground site services
Water main, sanitary, storm sewers, culverts, with an in house certified confined space entry team.

Site excavation and grading
Rip rap, granular, embankments, stabilization, qualified for all facets of earthworks in environmentally sensitive areas.

Soil remediation activities, treatment and disposal
PTMAA Certified UST (Underground Storage Tank) removal practices. Emergency response plans comply with WCB, and Emergency Preparedness and Response regulations.

The Environment

Our project management teams focus on prevention of environmental impacts. We make it our responsibility to educate and comply with regulatory requirements of Municipal, Provincial and Federal agencies. Environmental protection is a key factor in hazard assessments, task procedures, safe work practices, emergency planning and reporting protocol for all activities executed by PDI | Dakota, employees and subcontractors. 

Project preplanning and site operation teams follow a strict procedural framework in line with our corporate goal of representing best practices and continual improvements:

  • incorporate compliance with all governing bodies
  • incorporate conservation of resources
  • maximize recycling options
  • minimize pollution, and
  • prevent releases of contaminants

These policies are reviewed and revised annually and maintained as an integral part of our Safety and Environmental Management System. They are communicated throughout the lifetime of a project from orientation through completion.


PDI | Dakota is constantly finding innovative ways to maximize, reuse and recycle construction materials. We seek new ways to minimize landfill impact, one example: salvaging, off-siting and selling approved reusable furnishings and accessories through our online salvage store.

Our Team

The team at PDI | Dakota brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the commercial demolition industry. Effective management and communication encompass all aspects of job, including hazard assessment and mitigations programming, environmental protection planning, quality assurance and control systems, commitments to scheduling and providing cost effective solutions. 

Along with our skilled team of management and specialized operators Dakota actively engages the local communities for opportunities to onboard additional support staff, suppliers, and facilities. Dakota invests in their people and seeks opportunities to highlight and utilize their skills.

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