St. Mike's staircase

the tightest area within a working hospital

Client: Bondfield Construction Company
Priestly Demolition Inc. was contracted to perform the demolition of an existing 17 storey stair tower situated within an existing functioning hospital.  This project was sensitive in every way imaginable - a live, functioning hospital situated in the busy downtown Toronto core. PDI faced numerous challenges: dust, noise, vibration, mechanical downtime, etc. As professional demolition contractors we were able to mitigate the risk to patients, staff, and visitors, and the meet hospital’s need to continuously provide service, in addition to completing the work required on time, and on budget.

Onsite logistics were extremely difficult as the entire stair tower had to be removed using small equipment in a very limited foot print. The movement and storage of materials was a big challenge. Optimizing the capacity of the crane to make the maximum lift was coordinated onsite by measuring and laying out the cut lines on the sections of beams, columns, and slabs. Finally, the concrete sections, rubble, steel stair stringers, and demolition debris were lowered into a PDI dump trailer and recycled off site.

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