In-Kind Projects

Being a part of our community means rolling up our sleeves and helping out wherever we can. Priestly has provided pro bono services to help provide affordable housing, create safe places for kids to play, and keep people safe. 

Newmarket Affordable Housing Initiatives

Priestly has contributed a variety of services to affordable housing projects in our local community.

Bradford School Playground Work

The W.H. Day Elementary School in Bradford opened a new Community Playground in October 2014, and Priestly was delighted to contribute through Vic Priestly Contracting Ltd. Contributions from sponsors like Priestly, combined with fundraising efforts at the school, allowed the school to build a play area that accommodates children of various ages. Students and local residents are all welcome to enjoy the new facilities. See the ribbon cutting at the Bradford Times website.

Kettleby Church scaffolding

Christ Church sits in the historic village of Kettleby. Built in 1891 in the Gothic Revival style, the church has been undergoing some restoration in recent years. When some of the lofty stones above the entryway began to loosen just before Easter, Priestly was there to set up scaffolding to protect the congregation as they entered and left the church. The temporary solution gave the church time to make repairs without suspending services.

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