Excavation & Brownfield Remediation

Environmental remediation creates opportunities for future development on polluted sites

Land is a premium resource, so it only makes sense that excavating and remediating brownfield sites is increasingly common. Demolishing any existing structures on these properties is only one stage of the work, particularly when the land has been contaminated by prior uses. Priestly Demolition Inc. is committed to quality, and we work closely with you to provide customized and cost-effective excavation and remediation solutions. 

PDI will review the nature of the contamination and develop a comprehensive program that will return the site to being viable land. As an innovative company that is dedicated to environmental stewardship, we believe in exploring remediation techniques that improve our excavation and remediation processes. Our goal is to clear the path for new development while helping to improve the environment and the communities in which we work, while protecting on-site workers and the people who live in those communities.

Our Complete Excavation and Brownfield Remediation Services Include:

  • Excavation of contaminated soil and arrangement for its treatment and disposal
  • Management and removal of underground tanks, containers, and ancillary piping
  • Treatment and management of contaminated groundwater
  • On-site management of contaminated soil

Working with many leading consulting firms, government agencies, and developers, PDI has helped to transform numerous industrial properties into residential and parkland environments. 

For excavation to brownfield remediation, visit our Project Showcase to see how PDI has helped to safely transform sites across Ontario and prepare them for new development.

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