Don Jail

Toronto's notorious prison comes down

Client: PCL Construction
Unique Details: Preserving the historic building of original jail that already serving as administrative space for the hospital, while taking down the attached addition that was added in the 1960s.

Following Priestly's demolition of the adjacent half round hospital, the next step in the Bridgepoint redevelopment project was to remove the unused extension of the Don Jail. 

Built in the 1860s, the historic Don Jail remains a landmark in Toronto, even after it has been repurposed as an administrative hub for the new Bridgepoint Health hospital. The more modern extension that was added in the 1950s, however, had served its purpose and closed in January 2014. This red brick addition needed to come down without interfering with the original building and its new role for the hospital. 

See the Don Jail demolition in this time-lapse video:

See how we brought down the old Bridgepoint Health half round building before we started on the jail.

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