CN Tower

The CN Tower welcomes over 1.5 million visitors a year.  It is one of the most iconic buildings in the world, and at a total height of 553.33m, it is the defining structure of the Toronto skyline.  When Priestly Demolition Inc. was contracted by PCL in 2017 to demolish the interior of the lookout level, we knew getting it right was hugely important to the people of the city. 

The lookout level sits 346m above downtown Toronto. The scope included: 
Full interior strip/ demolition of all finishes: floors, ceilings, partition walls, raised platforms, two cocktail bars 
Removal and demolition of a portion of the exterior windows and knee walls at 3 different locations
Cutting a new glass floor opening on L3 above the existing glass floor (originally cut by PDI in 1994) to create the first two tiered glass floor observation area
The project was designed to be completed over 2 phases as the tower needed to remain open to the public during demolition and reconstruction. 

The location, complexity, iconic nature of the structure, and its elevation caused many new and complicated challenges for us. Access to the loading dock was restricted to after-hours due to the heavy traffic of downtown Toronto. Further, the CN Tower is a popular public landmark, and therefore a potential target for attack, and it is also a working communications tower.  This meant security was extremely tight and all delivery drivers, workers, and subs had to be cleared before being allowed onto the premises. Every task and delivery had to be planned and scheduled weeks in advance to allow for the Tower security to prepare themselves. With all the challenges and roadblocks we faced, thanks to a great team PDI managed to complete the entire scope (including all the extras that were thrown at us in short notice) on time, and within our allotted budget – all while maintaining public access to this iconic site.

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