Brookfield Multiplex

In order to build a new skyscraper in Toronto’s financial district, the old must be removed to make way for the new.

Client: Brookfield Multiplex
Unique Details: At the intersection of Bay and Adelaide, a previous project had failed, leaving a vacant footing with columns that could not be used. Priestly Demolition was brought in to handle this complex project in a very active area in the heart of Toronto. 

In addition to the abandoned footing, the project involved a few key factors. A 4-storey parking garage had to be not only preserved, but remain open throughout construction. The bottom level of that garage was separated from the busy PATH concourse by only one wall, with pedestrians going about their business each day, a very short distance from the demolition and excavation project. And finally, one of the sites to be demolished was a historical building that had to be relocated and restored.

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The project had three main areas between Bay and Yonge Streets on Adelaide:

  1. 40 Adelaide Street was the main site from which the new building would eventually rise. This section requires cutting through 4 floors of an existing and active parking garage, excavating the concourse level, and creating the opening into which the new building footings would be poured. It also included eliminating the columns that were put in place for the previously abandoned project. Working one level at a time, the concrete was cut into 9x11 foot slabs that could then be lifted out by crane. Keeping the site free of debris was vital to maintaining workflow so that the project remained safe and on schedule.
  2. 132 Yonge Street had to be gutted before a new support system could be installed to house a new generator that would serve both the new tower and the existing Bay & Adelaide Centre. The east and north walls were both removed and lifted out by crane in pieces. Temporary steel beams were installed to support the upper levels during the demolition.
  3. 2 Adelaide Street also had to be demolished while saving the outside bricks to allow the historic facade to be relocated and restored. As in many older buildings, this aspect of the project included asbestos abatement, while all clean materials were salvaged. The work proceeded floor by floor, working in partnership with the team from Clifford Restoration.

The project was completed on schedule in a 4-month time frame. There were no time-lost safety infractions and Priestly maintained safety standards in accordance with regulations and the expectations of their client, Brookfield Multiplex.

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