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Priestly Demolition is one of the most versatile and innovative demolition companies in North America. We are focused on delivering each project on time and on budget, with an inventive approach to solving a wide range of challenges across diverse projects. Combined with our extensive fleet of heavy equipment and our remarkable team of people, Priestly Demolition is committed to effective demolition with a focus on safety and environmental stewardship.

At Priestly, we have the experience to anticipate our clients’ needs and the flexibility to react to evolving circumstances in the field. We understand the complicated demolition permits and approval requirements, and we ensure they are secured prior to work commencing. We anticipate the details that our clients may not have considered: from noise bylaws and dust control to the potential displacement of birds and other wildlife before demolition begins. We approach all projects with a strong concept of how to maximize remediation and salvage potential to minimize our impact on the environment, and we work with communities to create unique solutions to minimize the impact demolition projects have on their neighbourhoods.

Priestly Demolition

Our Employees are Truly the Strength of Our Success

Our work is performed by highly skilled and experienced demolition experts, and our workforce is recognized as a leader in the Canadian Demolition industry. Our people are proud of the work they do, and this is reflected in the successful completion of all our demolition projects and our continued growth as a company.

Our work is unique and exciting, but not without risk.  We count on everyone to bring their best day after day - and they do. Our project teams are comprised of like-minded people with individual strengths and areas of expertise who come together to complete projects in the safest, most efficient way possible. Our leaders use their vast knowledge and experience to guide and encourage their crews from the first day to last day on site. 

At Priestly, we foster a culture of family and team, and many of our employees have been with us for 20+ years. As a group, we believe in the satisfaction of hard work well done, and that loyalty and teamwork create awe-inspiring results.

By combining our diverse strengths, skills, education, and personalities, we definitely are A Force to be Wrecking With.

LEED Certified

Many construction projects are now required to be LEED Certified to protect the environment, and at Priestly we ensure our clients can meet this standard. Our demolition services, including abatement and remediation, lead to a clean site that's suitable for green building initiatives. Read more about LEED with information from the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC).

Learn more about our values, our history, and our commitment to community initiatives.

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