Belleville Hospital

Former nursing school demolished to pave the way for more parking

Belleville General Hospital was pursuing a redevelopment project that would see new departments added, upgraded, renovated, or relocated. This created a need for more parking for visitors, particularly to the emergency room. The adjacent building, connected to the emergency room via tunnel, had been unused since 2012 and was designated for demolition to make room for the much-needed parking. 

The Edith Cavell Building was originally a nursing school in the 1970s, and later transitioned to medical offices. The building had two main sections: a three-storey wing and a six-storey wing that was once a residence for nursing students. The demolition project began with an interior demolition and salvage operation, then proceeded to removing the three-storey section, and finally the six-storey section.

As the hospital and emergency room remained fully active throughout the project, it was important to monitor dust in the air to maintain expected air quality levels. As the building was located on a main street, it was also important to protect cars and pedestrians. The road was closed to pedestrians throughout the demolition project, while protective debris nets were set up as well.

Local media featured the project as it was a substantial change to remove this recognizable building from the Belleville landscape. See articles and photos in The Belleville Intelligencer and

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